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Recipe as remembered.
Meant to be prepared in a 17 oz (485 ml) cup.

  • 5 teaspoons of 70% cocoa “instant” powder (consisting of fair traded cocoa and raw cane sugar, nothing else; so none of those jokes kids get tortured with)
  • 3 teaspoons of raw cane sugar
  • approx half a liter of hot water (= between 85 and 100° C)
  • ca. 100 ml milk (3.8%)
  • 2 cl aged Rum
  • 2 cl Tawny Port


Add the cocoa into the cup, sugar on top. Pour hot water till approx 2/3 of the cup is filled. Stir rigidly until all the parts have dissolved. Add rum and port. Add milk on top, and stir gently. Let it sit for a moment and then take a nice sip 🙂

We used Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva (15 years) and Taylor's Tawny Port.


Name derives from “Zombie Chocolate Apocalypse”, because you won't feel the impact until you're done with drinking half of the second cup.

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